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B-BBEE Scorecard Advisory

The amended Codes of Good Practice brings with them a very stringent requirements on companies to put in concerted effort in implementing strategies that focus on real transformation rather than ensuring numbers are in place. We are very privileged already to be working with organisations that have a vested interest in ensuring that they transform and be measured as per the amended codes, thereby providing us the exiting opportunity of taking part in their transition as implementing partners.

Our B-BBEE Scorecard Advisory services include:

  • Strategy and scenario planning
  • Scorecard assessment “As Is “review to help an organisation understand where they are at, and what needs to be implemented prior to undertaking B-BBEE audit.
  • Audit preparations to assist the client to ensure that all required evidence is in place as per the “As Is “review
  • Training Workshops on the B-BBEE legislation and the Scorecard

Enterprise and Supplier Development

The most exciting part of the Amended Codes of Good Practice is the combination of Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development to form Enterprise and Supplier Development which is a critical element, bearing subminimum requirement of 40%. It must be understood that this is the way BEE should have been implemented in the first place, i.e. develop black owned SMMEs to feed into organisations and companies’ supply chain, thereby increase a pool of available suppliers, thus increasing their competitiveness in the industry. SMMEs have been proven to be the biggest job and employment creators, therefore efforts must be put in place to ensure their sustainability, hence the creation of the new Small Business Ministry by the President of the Republic.

Our Enterprise and Supplier Development services offering:

       Supplier workshops for Preferential Procurement optimization

       Design and implementation of Enterprise and Supplier Development solutions

       Project management and reporting

       Monitoring of performance, support and evaluation

  • Enterprise and Supplier Development methodology and approach Research and needs analysis to understand the beneficiary development needs
  • Implementation of the programme over an agreed period of time (recommended 3 years to ensure sustainability)
  • Monitoring and reporting forms part of the implementation to ensure that the client is always aware of what is happening with the project, success and any risks and mitigations.

Socio Economic Development

SED, previously known as Corporate Social Investment is an element aimed at promoting sustainable access to the economy.  The SED targets and commitments require that organizations should document and keep records of all activities that are intended to support the communities in which they operate. The majority of Black people in South Africa are still unable to access the mainstream economy owing to unemployment, lack of education and poverty. SED has a relatively short history in South Africa, but, in this brief period, has become a formal contributor to social change and a professional sector in its own right.

Our Socio Economic Development offering:

  • Design and Implementation of the SED programmes
  • Identification and assessment of qualifying beneficiaries
  • Project management and reporting

Strategy Advisory

It takes a long time it reaches a transformational destination and many times organisation wants to reach that destination without a road map of how they will get there. It is important for any organisation big or small to have a clear road map formulated from its core focus encompassing its Vision, Mission, Values, and Clients Promise to spread into a message that its stakeholders can understand, carry and implement to reach its transformational goals.

BEE Audits

Many organisations perceive BEE as that part of the year when they undergo BEE audit. However without proper implementation of the strategy throughout the year, the end results of what might be a month long audit will result in less than desirable results. Hence we always encourage undertaking our clients through a process to review their status prior to the financial year end in order to implement any short-term initiatives that can yield short term results, thereafter devise a long term strategy to improve on performance.

BEE Training

As much as we as consultant would like to be involved in all the organisations and run the show, it is also important for organisations to empower themselves through knowledge and skilling the “BEE Champions “in order to create a sense of ownership of the implementation process. For every client we engage with we start with the education process – its mandatory.

Enterprise Development

We are also classified as an SMME (Black Owned), therefore we do appreciate the challenges that such organisations face in order to succeed. Therefore this product offering is very close to our organisation’s heart as it help us help other small Black Owned organisation obtain assistance that they might have otherwise not have obtained had it not been for the legislation. We always endeavour to ensure that all beneficiaries involved in our process understand the client and their obligation in the process of building a sustainable relationship.

Our Capabilities

Strategy and scenario planning and implementation 75%
Scorecard assessment As Is review and reporting 95%
Documentation collection and audit preparation 85%
Supplier workshops for Preferential Procurement optimization 80%
Research 60%
Monitoring and Reporting 50%
Enterprise and Supplier Development Implementation 93%